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Hi! I'm Brook. I'm passionate about learning, and about helping people to bring about change. I'm strategic, full of ideas, analytical, and very tech-savvy. (Apparently this makes me a 'power user'. Hmmmmm.) I do use Facebook daily, and Twitter even more frequently, and of course I am also on Google+ although can't say I use it much. You can follow me around Aotearoa on Foursquare, or check out my iPhoneography on Instragram. I also dabble in photography, which you can peruse on Flickr, and you can read my blog here. To top it all off, I love all things design, and have a portfolio of websites to demonstrate my ability. My philosophy when it comes to web design is to not re-create the wheel, which means that I use my design nous to customise and adapt the work of better designers than myself to something that suits the client. This doesn’t prevent me from doing some of my own design too though!


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Producer, Scarlet City Studios, February 2012 – Present

Scarlet City Studios aims to be the premiere Christian Game Studio in the world. To do this we are building an online virtual world for kids that is based on the storyline of the Bible.

As the producer I oversee the entire product (The Aetherlight) which includes managing the Game Director, Art Director, World builders, as well as being involved with the strategic marketing, branding, and all forms of development. My role also places me as the ‘2IC’ in the studio, and as such I “run the studio” on a day to day basis.


Project Manager, Legacy Projects, Mar 2010 – Feb 2011

Legacy Projects is a change management company who specialise in non-profit reshaping. I was involved in a major overhaul of an learning organisation which was founded by Robert Laidlaw in 1938. My role here involved the overall analysis, ideation and strategy for the redesign, as well as the oversight and management of all the technical development.
Follow the project here

Director, Frenetik Design, 2007-Present

Frenetik Design is a side project that I started for my design work, most of which has been web development. Clients have included a screen printing business, two environmental engineering firms, two restaurants, education consultants, and a local church.  Other work has included social-media consulting for AGM123, which included constructing, managing and maintaining their social media presences.

Research Technician, Auckland Liver Transplant Unit, 2009-2010

I completed my MSc (Biomedical Science) in 2010 and graduated with First Class Honours. This involved 6 months of ‘wet-lab’ work (test tubes, white coats, etc) but also 6 months of ‘dry-lab’ work using the latest and most powerful computational software to analyse the evolution and mutation rate in Hepatitis B Virus.

Graphics Manager, showribbons 2000 Ltd, 2008 (part time)

My role at ShowRibbons 2000 was to create art work for ribbon screen prints using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I also assisted them with promotional material, including building their website (which unfortunately they have since removed) as well as getting my hands dirty and doing some screen printing myself!








As already mentioned, I live on the web. I have designed and/or modified at least 11 websites, with WordPress being my speciality  (7/11 were built on WordPress). I am perfectly comfortable digging around in the PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript in-behind a site. I enjoy taking a clients needs, finding a suitable template for them, and then customising it to fit. This often includes the use of javascript and/or WordPress plugins, which I have a good working knowledge of. I understand the inner workings of a WordPress template, as well as the WordPress hierarchy.

Social media:

I pride myself on staying up to date with the latest trends and developments in all things web / internet / technology. People often come to me for advice on these topics because they recognise the fact that I like to live on the bleeding edge of ‘what’s new’. I have invested hundreds of hours into reading blogs, following up on new start-ups, and staying abreast of how it all works. More than a casual user however, I like to dig deeper and understand the more ‘geeky’ side of the new technology, and what is possible with it.


I have had a strong interest in design for as long as I can remember, and often enjoy surfing the net for great looking websites. My role at ShowRibbons helped me to further hone my Illustrator and Photoshop skills, and I have also designed many of the components for the other websites that I have built. I have also created Logos and icons for local organisations.


Having grown up using computers, my computer skills match that of many geeks. I have been a Mac user for 20 years and a ‘power user’ for 10. I have also helped Titirangi Baptist Church install and deploy a Mac Server, and have been the go-to ‘trouble shooter’ for all the TBC staff, for both Windows and Mac. I also dabble with Linux! Currently I am in the process of teaching myself Objective-C, so that I can write iPhone Apps.



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