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iPhone Apps I Recommend

Posted on 12 Aug 2011 in Blog, Uncategorized | 0 comments

UPDATE: It seems the icons didn’t come across :/ I will work on getting these posted soon. In the meantime, here’s a PDF version So, I have been an avid iPhone user for about 1 year now. I have amassed quite a collection of apps, and given many a test drive only to delete them. The […]

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Disappearing Images!

Posted on 14 Jun 2011 in Blog, Uncategorized | 1 comment

[UPDATE  July 2011]: I talked to my hosting company, who told me that they would look into it. They discovered they had a setting enabled called ‘web page compression’. After they disabled this, it has been completely resolved. Ok, so after months of frustration, I am still no closer to solving this issue. Here’s the […]

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An awesome to-do app

Posted on 24 Mar 2011 in Tech & Geek, Uncategorized | 0 comments

The reason I love this app is it does one thing, and one thing well. Really well. “Today” allows you to add the tasks you need to do TODAY. a brilliant UI, and a very clever UX. tilt the device portrait to view tasks, tilt the device landscape to add tasks. Get it here

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Alan Hirsch – Disciple Making

Posted on 06 Mar 2011 in Faith, Uncategorized | 0 comments

> Watch this!

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Another well made iPhone game!

Posted on 04 Mar 2011 in Tech & Geek, Uncategorized | 1 comment

> Very well made, very fun, beautiful UI and UX

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Collaboration Software?

Posted on 29 Nov 2010 in Tech & Geek, Uncategorized | 2 comments

>One of the things i really love about my job as a change agent is setting up new efficient systems or processes – especially if the old ones were super inefficient. Currently I am in the middle of researching the best software to allow our team to collaborate in the most efficient manner. I really […]

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Systematics and Ecclesia – an Essay

Posted on 09 Nov 2010 in Faith, Uncategorized | 0 comments

>The formatted version can be downloaded in ePub format here: What is christian systematic theology, and what does it have to do with being the church? IntroductionSystematic theology1 has a long and venerable past, and at times enjoyed a privileged position amongst society and academia.2 As society has become increasingly secularised, systematics has fallen […]

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Autosave in iWork

Posted on 03 Nov 2010 in Tech & Geek, Uncategorized | 0 comments

>One of my biggest frustrations with iWork is the lack of some of the really obvious things – like autosaving. Fortunately, iWork barely ever crashes (unlike M$ alternatives), but there are the occasional glitches, and human error is always a factor. Recently, I was working on an assignment and had forgotten to save my work. […]

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>EndNote and McIntosh Style Guide

Posted on 22 Oct 2010 in Tech & Geek, Uncategorized | 1 comment

>I am quite new to the McIntosh Style Guide, but being all for ‘making computers work for me’ rather than grinding away aimlessly ‘working for the computer’, i decided to harness the power of endnote and see if i could make it ‘do’ McIntosh. I have uploaded it here, but be warned – CHECK IT […]

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>On the Very Idea of a Theological System – A Review

Posted on 21 Oct 2010 in Faith, Uncategorized | 0 comments

>Introduction“…Doctrine directs the church faithfully to embody the way, the truth and the life defined by the history of Jesus Christ in fresh, contextually appropriate ways – in a word, to triangulate.”In any theology, understanding and critiquing the hermeneutic in use is essential. The place of scripture, the Holy Spirit, the church community, the history […]

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>What was the sin of Babel, if any?

Posted on 21 Oct 2010 in Faith, Uncategorized | 1 comment

>Abstract What was the sin of Babel, if any? In ‘Vertical or Horizontal: The sin of Babel’, P.J. Harland seeks to demonstrate that the Babel’s sin was horizontal, an act of disobedience to the divine command to ‘fill and subdue the earth’. This is based on a canonical reading of Genesis, as opposed to reading […]

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>Abimelech, Abraham & Sarah – an Essay

Posted on 21 Oct 2010 in Faith, Uncategorized | 0 comments

>Introduction Genesis 20 presents to us a story with multiple interpretations, each with their own specific focus, and therefore implications. In this passage, we see Abraham pretending that his wife is his sister, and God intervening twice. But what is the purpose of this passage? Setting Genesis (‘beginnings’), tells the story of how God’s chosen […]

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