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My GTD System

My GTD System

Posted on 17 Apr 2014 in Blog, Tech & Geek | 0 comments

Update: I have been using this system since writing this post back in April and it is working really well. The “!Do” label in Gmail functions excellently across all devices, and despite trying a few other apps in the meantime which have promised “email bliss”, nothing has beaten this system for me. I have however […]

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One App To Rule Them All

Posted on 13 Jul 2013 in Blog, Tech & Geek | 0 comments

With my work as the producer at 2ndcity Studios, my goal is to make management of the studio and also running of the game team efficient but also have the functionality we need – tracking tasks, time, sharing files, sharing updates, IM, messaging, shared calendaring, etc, etc. For the past two years, we have been […]

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An awesome to-do app

Posted on 24 Mar 2011 in Tech & Geek, Uncategorized | 0 comments

The reason I love this app is it does one thing, and one thing well. Really well. “Today” allows you to add the tasks you need to do TODAY. a brilliant UI, and a very clever UX. tilt the device portrait to view tasks, tilt the device landscape to add tasks. Get it here

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Another well made iPhone game!

Posted on 04 Mar 2011 in Tech & Geek, Uncategorized | 1 comment

> Very well made, very fun, beautiful UI and UX

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Collaboration Software?

Posted on 29 Nov 2010 in Tech & Geek, Uncategorized | 2 comments

>One of the things i really love about my job as a change agent is setting up new efficient systems or processes – especially if the old ones were super inefficient. Currently I am in the middle of researching the best software to allow our team to collaborate in the most efficient manner. I really […]

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