About Me

[me image=”http://brookwarner.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/brook.jpg” name=”Brook Warner” position=”WEB DESIGNER” description=”Hi! I’m Brook. I’m passionate about learning, and about helping people to bring about change. I’m strategic, full of ideas, analytical, and very tech-savvy. (Apparently this makes me a ‘power user’. Hmmmmm.) I do use Facebook daily, and Twitter even more frequently, and of course I am also on Google+ although can’t say I use it much. You can follow me around Aotearoa on Foursquare, or check out my iPhoneography on Instragram. I also dabble in photography, which you can peruse on Flickr, and you can read my blog here. To top it all off, I love all things design, and have a portfolio of websites to demonstrate my ability. My philosophy when it comes to web design is to not re-create the wheel, which means that I use my design nous to customise and adapt the work of better designers than myself to something that suits the client. This doesn’t prevent me from doing some of my own design too though!” twitter=”http://twitter.com/brookwarner” facebook=”http://facebook.com/brook.g.warner” gplus=”https://plus.google.com/103988520807190421231/posts” instagram=”http://instagram.com/brookwarner” columns=”3″]
[header]Skills[/header] [skills columns=”3″] [skill value=”75″ bg=”BDBDBD”]Illustrator & Photoshop[/skill] [skill value=”85″ bg=”B3B2B2″]HTML/CSS[/skill] [skill value=”70″ bg=”D1D1D1″]PHP[/skill] [skill value=”95″ bg=”A9A8A8″]Social Media[/skill] [skill value=”87″ bg=”A9A8A8″]Public Speaking[/skill] [/skills]

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