Autosave in iWork

>One of my biggest frustrations with iWork is the lack of some of the really obvious things – like autosaving. Fortunately, iWork barely ever crashes (unlike M$ alternatives), but there are the occasional glitches, and human error is always a factor.

Recently, I was working on an assignment and had forgotten to save my work. I was so engrossed in the assignment that I also ignored my laptops warning that it was now running on reserve battery power. 
When my laptop eventually shut down through lack of power, I wasn't too worried, since in the past I have just plugged it in, and then waited for it to load from the sleepimage. however, for some unknown (and highly frustrating) reason, it didn't boot from the sleepimage this time but completely rebooted! Thus I lost two hours worth of work, which is demoralising as well as frustrating.
This sent me on a quest to find recovery solutions, and alas, i found none that were satisfactory. However I did find a script (and hence the real reason for this blog post) that runs in the background and autosaves your iWork documents. It defaults to every 10mins, but can be easily modified to suit.
The script is available here (For_iWork > iWork '09 >, and I recommend setting it to run on login! [NB – a '08 version is also available]

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