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A Meltdown

This post has been a week in the making, but it is now ready to publish. Last weekend, Aotearoa held their general election. National won with an overwhelming majority. And I lost the plot. I want to start this postRead More

Ice Mission

> What a great idea from Auckland City Mission, and big Ups to all the companies and organisations that donated resource to make the Ice Mission happen. Also big ups to aucklanders for donating! Here are some pics i snappedRead More

Youth are the Solution, not the problem (via @vodafoneNZ)

>Media Release May 2010 Youth the solution – not the problem Newsflash! Focusing on youth as a problem marginalises them while working with their strengths and talents has a positive impact.  This might seem obvious, but new research into three grassrootsRead More

Putting the BP Oil spill in perspective

> Putting the BP Oil spill in perspective (via general discussion, posted: 31-MAY-2010 06:00 It's been all over the news.  A blown out oil well is causing the largest oil spill in U.S. history, in the Gulf of Mexico. Read More

My MSc Thesis

> Chapter 3 Results: pages: 28 words: 2,784 Chapter 4 Results : pages: 66 words: 11,310 Sent from Auckland, Auk, New Zealand


So, Just got my blog up and running after a long hiatus. Still really trying to work out exactly how i am going to use this part of my online presence. I am slowly feeling more and more compelled toRead More

>How to lead a scammer / phisher on!

NB – I have reblogged this from another blogger, and unfortunately cannot find the original! It’s still a great piece and should live on, but i claim no credit for authorship! Phishing — where scammers attempt to steal sensitive informationRead More