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My GTD System

Update: I have been using this system since writing this post back in April and it is working really well. The “!Do” label in Gmail functions excellently across all devices, and despite trying a few other apps in the meantimeRead More

One App To Rule Them All

With my work as the producer at 2ndcity Studios, my goal is to make management of the studio and also running of the game team efficient but also have the functionality we need – tracking tasks, time, sharing files, sharingRead More

An awesome to-do app

The reason I love this app is it does one thing, and one thing well. Really well. “Today” allows you to add the tasks you need to do TODAY. a brilliant UI, and a very clever UX. tilt the deviceRead More

Collaboration Software?

>One of the things i really love about my job as a change agent is setting up new efficient systems or processes – especially if the old ones were super inefficient. Currently I am in the middle of researching theRead More

Autosave in iWork

>One of my biggest frustrations with iWork is the lack of some of the really obvious things – like autosaving. Fortunately, iWork barely ever crashes (unlike M$ alternatives), but there are the occasional glitches, and human error is always aRead More

>EndNote and McIntosh Style Guide

>I am quite new to the McIntosh Style Guide, but being all for ‘making computers work for me’ rather than grinding away aimlessly ‘working for the computer’, i decided to harness the power of endnote and see if i couldRead More


>So I discovered Tunerfish today and it seems interesting. I am quite interested in these new apps that are offering 'badges' in reward for certain tasks. I love Foursquare, (and I dabble in GoWalla) and so no wonder! Other examplesRead More

Skies of Glory

> So I have gone and joined the herd and become slave to the latest addictive iPhone game – Skies of Glory. What I like about this game is the full use of the iphone accelerometer, as well as theRead More