Collaboration Software?

>One of the things i really love about my job as a change agent is setting up new efficient systems or processes – especially if the old ones were super inefficient.

Currently I am in the middle of researching the best software to allow our team to collaborate in the most efficient manner.

I really want something that is going to complement our workflow, rather than become just another learning curve and just another piece of software to use.

I also really want something that minimises paper-trails – I’m always nervous when there are multiple versions of a document floating around!

Currently I am choosing between:

1. Google Apps (Free, but limited in its scope)

2. Some groupware solution (Group-Office, Kolab, Tonido)

3. Basecamp (Expensive, but extensive scope)

4. Some self hosted option ?

has any one had any luck with using any of these? How did you find them?


After spending hours trawling Google, and not really finding something that matched our desired workflow and our desired cost range, we were thinking of just going with Basecamp. However it didn’t quite do what we wanted, it seemed also that the API hadn’t seen much action recently, and the pricing was just a little too high. However in the process of trying to find add-ons and API wrappers for Basecamp, I stumbled across TeamworkPM vs Basecamp.
Voila! Exactly what we were after. Hopefully I will get the chance soon to post a full review here, but at the moment, after using it for two weeks, I can definitely say that we are LOVING IT. The team at TeamworkPM are friendly, respond to emails quickly and in a human (as opposed to a bot) fashion, and they are continually upgrading and releasing new features. The TeamworkPM team seem to be full of energy and wanting to make decent software – which is something I like. It reminds me of energetic startups like Twitter and Foursquare. Challenging the status quo!


  1. > Won't do a lot you need, but worth a look on a personal basis. If a whole team used this, and basic priorities, no meetings sitting down – you'll make some progress.But this is just guessing – don't know a lot of what you actually want.-Derek

  2. >Hey thanks Derek, I'l check it out

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