>Control your mac remotely from Twitter

This is a great idea! I thought i’d share it…(source: http://www.themacbox.co.uk/tweetmymac/)

Controlling Your Mac from Twitter



A new app called TweetMyMac has come out giving us the option to control our Macs from a twitter account. TweetMyMac lets you get screenshots, iSight snapshots, and your IP address from your Mac just by sending a direct message to your specially setup Mac controlling account. You can start torrents remotely, shutdown your Mac and more.

Setting Up TweetMyMac

  1. Sign up for a new Twitter account just for your Mac (I called mine TweetAlexsMac) – feel free to protect the updates if you like. IMPORTANT: You MUST sign up for a new account, not just use your normal Twitter account or everyone you follow will be able to control your Mac!
  2. Set the new account to follow your main twitter account.
  3. Download and run TweetMyMac.
  4. Enter the account details for the new account you signed up for (that’s your Mac’s Twitter account)
  5. To control your Mac send it a direct message with a command (either using the direct message option on twitter or by writing a tweet of the form “d MacAccountName command”)
  6. Your Mac will reply to some commands (like retrieving IP address or screenshots) using it’s account so you will probably want to set your main twitter account to follow your Mac.


shutdown – Shutdown your Mac. Will NOT save any open files.

restart – Restart your Mac. Will NOT save any open files.

logout – Logout of your Mac. Will NOT save any open files.

sleep – Sleep your Mac.

ip – Get your Mac’s external IP address. Your Mac will reply with it’s current IP.

isight – Snap an image from your Mac’s iSight camera. Your Mac will reply with the picture posted on TwitPic.

screenshot – Get a screenshot of your Mac. Your Mac will reply with the picture posted on TwitPic.

say [phrase] – Your Mac will speak the phrase in the default voice.

torrent [torrent URL] – Your Mac will download the torrent and open it in the default torrent client.

[URL] – Your Mac will open any URL it is sent.

%[command] – Your Mac will execute the custom shell command. Note: this is disabled by default for security and must be enabled in the options to use.

Do take into account the note on TweetMyMac’s website which states:

TweetMyMac is currently still considered beta software so please don’t blame us if your Mac spontaneously catches fire.

So there you have it! Would you use this often? What do you think this could turn into in the future?

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