My trip to Tiritiri Matangi

Last weekend my wife and I were lucky enough to visit Tiritiri Matangi thanks to a GrabOne voucher. I had heard a lot about “Tiri” but never been so was very keen.

During the ferry trip there, we came across a pod of dolphins – there must have been around 20 to 30 of them – and they were very keen to play with the boat! It was an awesome sight – although pretty hard to get on camera, they move so quick.

Tiri totally delivered! We signed up for a guided tour with a very knowledgable guide, Derek, who took us on a 2.5 hour exploration of the island, pointing out the flora and the fauna. I was most impressed with Dereks level of knowledge regarding not just bird song but also their taxonomy, and ecological specifics. In addition, Derek was also very knowledgeable on the plant life – what species and family they were from, their “siblings” and “cousins”, and their characteristics. Not bad for a volunteer!

After our guided tour, we decided to do some further exploring ourselves. We headed round to the north eastern side of the island, where we saw some impressive cliffs and land formations, as well as a whole swarm of Tui! Not a normal sight, even for someone like me who grew up in the NZ bush.

We were at Tiri for about 5 hours. There was still plenty (perhaps even the majority of the island, actually) we didn’t explore, but the guided tour was quite slow – not a complaint though! We learnt so much from Derek. Next time though, we will probably go for an explore by ourselves instead of taking the tour. You can also stay the night at Tiri, in the “bunk house” – which would be a pretty awesome experience.

Anyway, I have added some of my photos here – nothing fantastic in terms of my camera work – but hopefully it gives you a sense of some of what Tiri has to offer!

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