Skies of Glory


So I have gone and joined the herd and become slave to the latest addictive iPhone game – Skies of Glory. What I like about this game is the full use of the iphone accelerometer, as well as the great UI, theming, and game play. There are multiple missions, game styles, etc. I guess this game reminds me of my days growing up playing “Retalliator” with my Dad (as his wingman!) on our old 286. I guess since then i have always had a penchant for Flight / Dogfight type games.

However what I really like about this game is the business model that the makers have employed. As was mentioned over at Mashable recently, this game employs the “add-on” model. You see, the actual game is free, thus eliminating any barriers to mass adoption and spread. This also means that the user can experience enough of the game to really “get into it” (a.k.a – get addicted!). The way that SGN (the makers) make a living however, is that you can then buy ‘add-ons’ for the game – either a new level, a new setting, a new plane, new weapons, new game modes. Some may call this sneaky and be turned off by it, however I think that this is really clever. Not only does it encourage wide adoption, it means that SGN is able to make more than 0.99USD from each player. Also however, it means that this is a thoroughly user-centric model – you buy what you want, when you want it.

If that wasn’t enough, the makers have also added the social element – and not just multiplayer – but you can also join the twitter and facebook community, where there are prizes, competitions, updates, and just general banter around the game. Good fun!

I thoroughly recommend trying it out!

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