>So I discovered Tunerfish today and it seems interesting. I am quite interested in these new apps that are offering 'badges' in reward for certain tasks. I love Foursquare, (and I dabble in GoWalla) and so no wonder! Other examples of services who are 'incentivising' include Yelp, and Hollrr – i wonder how many more startups will hop on this bandwagon? 

While it certainly has a certain buzz about it, it seems the catch is motivating users to stay and to continue to use the service – there needs to be some point, some added value. I was quite attracted to Hollrr when I first discovered it, however I must admit that I haven't really used it lately because there is little enticement except for some badges.

Anyway, anyone else using tunerfish? I wonder how this will fare?

I plan to update this as i progress and answer my own questions. Consider this an experiment!

Screen shot 2010-10-12 at 10.45.22 PM.png

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