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Brook Warner

I'm passionate about using technology and creativity to make positive change in the world.


About Me

Hey there!

I’m an experienced Product Manager and natural leader with a strong passion for using technology to make a meaningful difference. I have a background in science but a passion for all things technical. I’m interested in positions that make a positive social change, not just advance the bottom line

My Experience

Soul Machines


Senior Product Manager

During my tenure at Soul Machines, I have played a pivotal role in revolutionizing our AI technologies to enhance human-computer interactions through the development of Digital Avatars driven by our groundbreaking Digital Brain. My primary focus has been on democratizing the capabilities of our platform, empowering customers to swiftly experiment and uncover those pivotal "aha" moments. One of my notable achievements involved spearheading the product execution of Digital DNA Studio, an AI-driven self-service tool that streamlines the creation, customization, and deployment of immersive Digital Person Experiences, successfully eliminating a significant customer pain point. Additionally, I took ownership of the product strategy, roadmap, and execution for DigitalDNA Blender, a groundbreaking self-service tool that enables customers to effortlessly design their own avatars. By replacing a time-consuming process that once required a team of artists six months to accomplish, I empowered customers to create personalized avatars within minutes, resulting in a remarkable 500% increase in avatars created on our platform. Furthermore, I significantly reduced the time-to-value from six weeks to a mere six days by formulating and implementing a product strategy that harnessed GenerativeAI solutions, such as chatGPT, within our product. This strategic move not only allowed us to effectively target a new user segment, Independent creators, but also led to a remarkable doubling of our user base within just six months.

Soul Machines


Senior Project Manager

Soul Machines initially hired me to deliver our Digital Person installations for our growing list of enterprise customers. As a senior project manager, my role focused on working with the art, tools, R&D and engineering teams to bring agile methodologies, assist in release planning, and help the teams function towards delivery.

Scarlet City Studios



I co-founded Scarlet City Studios to use the immersive medium of games to enable children to be forces for positive social change in their neighbourhoods.I was directly involved in 3 large games: The Aetherlight - a children’s MMO, available on iOS, Android, and desktop - and 2 Augmented Reality games (played on-site) for a Museum in Washington, D.C.

Legacy Projects


Change Manager

Legacy Projects focused on providing project/change management services predominantly for the non-profit sector.

Liver Transplant Unit, Auckland District Health Board


Master's Student

I was based in a Lab at Auckland City Hospital where I was undertaking my Master's Research into the evolution of the Hepatitis B Virus in Tongans. Specifically, we aimed to investigate and elucidate the difference in mutation repertoires between a subset of Tongans who control the virus and the disease, and those who do not, thus eliciting ongoing liver disease (hepatitis).

Notable Work

ddna designer

Digital DNA Designer

Democratisation of Digital People Design


The Aetherlight

Chronicles of the Resistance


Selection Pressure on the Hepatitis B Virus in a Chronically Infected New Zealand Tongan Population

Master's Thesis

Nice words

Liz Swanson

Liz Swanson

(fmr) Managing Director at Soul Digital

I had the honor of working directly with Brook at Soul Machines as he was the key Senior liaison between the Product team and our in-house Client Services agency. Brook was instrumental in helping to define and shape client insights and articulate the opportunity and requirements back to internal Executive Stakeholders. Brook’s calm and intentional demeanor is a welcome attribute in the technology and start-up world. He always led with the business and client’s best needs at heart, while carefully balancing the integrity and value of the product. If I were to be building another team right now, Brook would absolutely be one of my first hires.

James Brunskill

James Brunskill


Brook is never afraid of taking on new challenges but brings a realistic attitude allowing wise decision making when a cross road is reached. He's multi talented, with skills ranging from Project Management, through Web Development, to Graphic Design and Writing Copy. This diverse range of skills allow him to much more quickly understand the challenges other team members might face and provide mentoring and useful advice when needed.

Stephen Karpinskyj

Stephen Karpinskyj

(fmr) Lead Developer at Scarlet City Studios

Brook's unwavering perseverance in helping Scarlet City grow from an idea to a game studio with multiple titles under its belt has been impressive to work alongside to say the least. In the 3 years I've worked with him I've seen Brook respond to multiple times of significant testing with a strong determination to not only keep the company on track but also maintain its ambitious momentum. I've known Brook to capably pursue a vision at all levels of detail and be willing to invest as much of himself as he can spare. If that means diving into something completely new and unknown then so be it. This attitude along with proven skills such as web development is why I would recommend Brook.

Paul Dunn

Paul Dunn

(fmr) World Builder at Scarlet City Studios

Brook has proved himself to be a capable and deliberate leader with a wealth of insight and intellect. In my time working with him, Brook demonstrated a commitment to professionalism and a passionate pursuit of the very best for both the project and the people he was responsible for. Brook has an eye for the big picture and a heart for the little guy, able to balance the demands of production in an agile environment with the realities of a team covering a wide range of ages and experience. He gets systems and process, and strives for lean, efficient workflows but never at the expense of a vibrant and human culture.

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